Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason’s New Brand: Premme!


Plus-size bloggers Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason have joined forces to launch a clothing line.

For Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason, the inadequacies of the plus size market have long been clear. “We’ve heard over and over again that plus size women don’t want fashionable clothing, that they won’t buy it,” says Gregg. “We want to prove everyone wrong.”

I have met both of the girls and they are both are strong women with their own point of view. Great to see these work together. I am very curious to see this clothing line. They want ‘real fashion’ and I hope they really can show us that! Curious, I think it will be a very commercial collection, which we already have seen a lot. The capsule collections, the collaborations, etc. But I can be totally wrong, and it’s totally exclusive and really high end fashion and outspoken. I also hope to see their individual styles mixed with each others.

I have picked some styles, I would love to see in their collection

Both have lost a some weight past year, probably stress by making this collection? Or they just wanted be thinner… sorry… this has nothing to do with their collection, I just noticed… or it’s just a coincidence that both of them just lost some weight. I think they are about a size 42/44 EU right now, because they are not really tall, they look more plus size than I do on the pictures.. I am a size 46/48 EU.
Also curious how the length of the clothes will be.

With their directional new collection, Premme, launching Tuesday, Gregg and Mason plan to do just that. As two style bloggers in the plus size space, both women have partnered with established brands on campaigns and capsule collections in the past, including ModCloth, Target and Swimsuitsforall. But Premme marks a new, independent chapter. Through a licensing deal with a vertical manufacturer secured by Digital Brand Products, the product focused offshoot of talent management agency Digital Brand Architects, which represents Gregg and Mason, the bloggers are controlling everything from design to marketing for the first time.

Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg in Premme
“We are members of the plus size community and we are really passionate about conversations that consumers are having with brands, that women are having amongst themselves,” says Mason. Feedback from the bloggers’ followers over the years directly impacted the collection as did the commitment to break conventional rules of the plus-size market. Every piece in the collection, from bodysuits to wide leg pants, has a strong point of view. “This idea that you can wear something that is oversized and isn’t ‘flattering,’ but is a fashion moment and is a trend in fashion, that was really important for us to retain,” says Mason, citing a mesh dress in the collection as an example.

Accessibility was another priority. Each piece in the first collection is priced under $89, and moving forward, the monthly releases starting in September will stay under $100.

And as most plus-size collections on the market now are modelled by plus-size models, not plus-size women, photographing the collection on a range of body sizes from 16, to 20 and 24/26 — that ‘read as plus-size,’ to the shopper, explains Gregg, was another non-negotiable for Premme.

The line is only available on Premme’s website,, and while they may work with wholesalers in the future, Gregg and Mason also want to maintain control over the way the collection is styled and presented. They have seen first-hand that retailers do not understand how to cater to plus-size consumers in their marketing efforts. “We don’t want to see our clothing on a size 10 model, especially right out of the gate,” says Gregg.

With a combined following of 672,000 on Instagram alone, Gregg and Mason already have a direct relationship with a receptive audience. “Social media has played a really big role in the way, culturally, we’re approaching diversity in general,” says Mason.

“We’ve been wanting to do this for years and years the mainstream market is now catching up to our vision,” adds Gregg.

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