How to get a Beyonce butt!


Everyone dreams to have Beyonce’s butt.

And here’s the solution! If you don’t have this naturally, you can go to the gym and do the right workout! In the Netherlands most of the women have a ‘flat butt’ so it’s great to have some beautiful shapes there as well.

But here’s the solution to get a nice butt the easy way: PADDED PADS from Magic Body Fashion! The panties are filled with foam pads for support and also a lift! Because they are very soft, the padding is very comfy under your own panties. You can wear it under a jeans, a skirt or dress. It’s seamless, so you won’t see anything.

You can even show more curves than you already have… be proud! I think… I am gonna give it a try! By the way… it’s a great pillow when you have to sit for very long… lol!

Padded pants in sizes S to XL price € 34,99
padded pants_magicBodyFashion

Padded pants in Nude and Black
padded pants_magicBodyFashion1

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