Unrealistic body goals


It is incredible how easy women invent new ways of physical torture. Too many women it isn’t enough to be healthy and self-confident with an average body.

To have a perfect body that is displayed in many adverts and magazines women reach out to extreme measures such as impossible diets (the water diet!? clay diet!?). Only recently a woman collapsed due to a salt-free diet that she had been following. Moreover excessive dieting and low self-image can lead to anorexia, a beast of the mind.

Six-pack for women
But not only our food has undergone massive inspection, also our body exercise. When searching on google for some workouts you will find almost every time flat bellies, six-packs and muscular arms and legs. These goals are in many cases just a daydream that influences the way we look at our bodies and ourselves. Being healthy and fit has become only one image of a slender, muscular woman. By not reaching this body type women are looked at as a failure or being unhealthy.


Curves but no curves
Being curvy has become stigmatized and means being lazy. Many musicians have been criticised for their curves and this has been going on since decades. Why has the image of a sexy woman changed into an unreachable goal? Would women like Marilyn Monroe, who was a sex icon in the fifties, be accepted in our society as healthy and beautiful?

marilyn monroe

Let’s look at some facts:
1.Many female skinny celebrities are made skinnier in photographs
The 9 most unnecessary instances of celebrity photoshop

2.More female curvy celebrities are criticised for their weight and cropped or made skinnier in photographs
‘Let’s face reality – she’s fat!’ Joan Rivers brands Adele ‘chubby’ after being asked to apologise for poking fun at the singer’s size

3.Female celebrities that gained a few pounds are considered pregnant or unhealthy

Every body is different
Although the video of College Humor is a parody of different topics, they do address the difference in body types and that we are often determined by our genetics whether we are skinny or curvy.

Thigh gap
The most recent hype for the female body is the thigh gap, a space between the legs. This is considered as sexy, healthy and the must-have for women. But the absurdity of this hype is shown in the youtube post of JustBoobs Sketch that you can find below.

The most important thing that can make people shine is self-confidence. Whether you reach it by eating healthy and sporting a lot or by going out with friends and enjoy a excellent desert, self-confidence is what makes the difference.

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  • I am A curvy female and damn proud of it. I used to be much thinner in my teen years
    And in all honesty I feel more beautiful being plus size.

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