‘Get in shape wear’ tips at Koffietijd!


I was t Dutch TV program Koffietijd to talk about shapewear, do you want these tips?



Today I was again at Dutch TV program Koffietijd (=’time for coffee’) for a fashion item about shape wear with 3 inbetweenie models! This time it was about shape wear. What style and item will be the best to wear? My 3 ‘angels’ Esther, Paula and Gisela from Maxime Models showed their dresses without and with their shape wear. All dresses are from Marks and Spencer

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Check HERE the shape wear tv item!

Esther is wearing very high waist panties from Chantelle

Paula is wearing cyclists pants, Marks and Spencer

Gisela is wearing a dress, MAGIC bodyFashion and skater dress

Know your size!
It’s very important to pay attention to you underwear. It already starts with the right bra size. More than 70% wears the wrong bra size. Check that! Have yourself measured once a year.


No more Bridget Jones
Shape wear… there are so many different kind of items. Now a days you don;t have to wear this terrible Bridget Jones panties. Haha… no… there is so many stylish shape wear with lace and great colors. I used shape wear from MAGIC bodyFashion, Triumph and Marks and Spencer

Right item
Be sure you wear the right item for the right goal. Be careful you don’t create ‘fat’ on another place, because the shape wear is not on the right place or is too small.

Some backstage pictures:

Me and ‘my angels’ and my assistant for today Bea.


‘My angels’ with Dutch famous tv host, Paul de Leeuw


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