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The capsule collection of Zizzi.

In august I visited Copenhagen to see this show of Zizzi, with the WOW collection in sizes 42-56 EU, 12-26 US! The only thing I was saying most of the time was” WOW!!!”

I love this outspoken collection! Love the graphics, the shapes. Finally we see some fashion items for us ‘inbetweenies’ and up! Give it a try… maybe a little new.. but you can always ‘down dress’ it. Make it your style!

The collection is designed by Femmes Regionales, 17 well-designed styles with a special focus on a flattering fit that complements a curvy figure and can easily be used individually or in innovative combinations – from a classic to an edgy look, where the wardrobe just has to be supplemented with shoes and accessories.

Together with the girls of Femmes Regionales in Copenhagen.

The silhouettes blend tightly with boxy, airy, graphic sharp cuts in a complete mix. In the cuts, there is a special focus on highlighting the feminine touch, which is expressed in the collection’s pencil skirts, rounded shoulders and cropped T-shirts. Prices from EURO 39.95 – 139.95 suggested retail price.

The Wardrobe of Wonders (WOW) by Zizzi in the stores on 9 February. In The Netherlands there are 3 stores: Amersfoort, Delft and Nieuwegein.

Can you see me on the front row?

Check out the runway show, I visited in august, 2014






I got this set from Zizzi… and I love this style on me! Shoes, River Island…

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