The ‘golden size’ in Cosmopolitan Australia

Katie Muihead_Cosmo_NickScott1

Gorgeous Katie Muihead (size 40-42 EU, 10-12 US) from Bella Models in Cosmopolitan Australia. I am happy every time I see editorials featured in this Cosmo. Australia shows that style has no size and shows that it really is possible to show nice fashion on an average size model! Great! Showing The ‘golden size’ or ‘the average size ‘ in this photoshoot. Photography: Nick Scott

Katie Muihead_Cosmo_NickScott4

Katie Muihead_Cosmo_NickScott5

Katie Muihead_Cosmo_NickScott2

Katie Muihead_Cosmo_NickScott3

Katie Muihead_Cosmo_NickScott6

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