Happier in life and with their looks


A very nice result of a research about being happy…

Dutch women ‘with a bigger size’ is a typical idea for women who have some extra pounds or kilos. But who says these are women who are larger or heavier? Maybe this is the average size. A research, with 892 visitors between the age 26 and 48 years, on a Dutch page vrouwblog says Dutch women ‘with a bigger size’ are happier in life and with their looks.

86% is happy!
86% of the Dutch women ‘with a bigger size’ is happy. Compared to the women with a smaller size, ‘only’ 77% is happy with her life.

CBS says the average Dutch woman of 20 years old is 1.68 cm tall and weighs 70 kg, her BMI is 24,8. Having a BMI above 24,8 is overweight. And they used these numbers for the research.
This ‘overweight’ group says being happy with their looks and 54% doesn’t want to change anything and are feeling great how they look!

But women who are ‘underweight’ or obese are less happy with their looks. Most of them are not happy with their looks. And this effects their happiness in life.

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