‘Happy girls are the prettiest’ T shirt


A few weeks ago on my FaceBook page I uploaded a picture of 6 T shirts with different quotes And there were so many reactions and votes. I was extremely surprised! But also so happy, you really appreciate the positives quotes I use on FB and on my blog. I want to give you a great, positive feeling! Just posting a positive or funny quote can create a big smile on your face! And that makes me very, very happy!

The shirts I created because of my Styling Event. But I got so many reactions of YOU, who asked me where to buy the shirt… I decided to create them for my label Edith Dohmen as well. And for the nice price of 29 euro! So affordable for everyone. And because it’s a huge trend to wear ‘statement shirts’ it doesn’t matter if it’s too big or fitted. EveryBODY can wear it,  a size 36, size 46! It doesn’t matter… because style has no size!


The quote from Audrey Hepburn: ‘happy girls are the prettiest’ was chosen by you as the best quote to wear on a shirt! Because of you and the enthusiastic reactions, I decided to make it possible YOU can wear it! From now on you can show that you are a happy girl and you are very pretty!

From now on you can buy it for euro 29 in this shop at the following link: T-shirt Style has no Size. It’s a collaboration of Edith Dohmen with the blog Style has no size.

This is a limited number, so be fast… you can show the world that ‘happy girls are the prettiest’!!!!

Below you will see some styling combinations:

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