Being healthy doesn’t come in a dress size.


The picture above shows an image of women weighing 69 kg. However, they are all different heights and builds. This was featured on Plus Model Magazine about Maria Kang. She got the opportunity to state her opinion in an interview on CNN, which included Chrystal Bougon, owner of Curvy Girl Lingerie. The interview got heated and Maria made no secret that she felt that Chrystal and her photo campaign were promoting obesity by asking women to be proud of their bodies via the photos they submitted.

Maria feels that these women should instead be pursuing a healthier lifestyle and not embracing obesity as a way of life. Chrystal countered Maria’s argument by saying that every woman should love themselves at all times and that loving yourself does not mean you’re embracing obesity. It means you’re embracing the body you have now, which can change.

I must say, I can get very angry when people think that women with a bigger size are necessarily unhealthy and thin people are all healthy.
Can you tell what a person’s health is by their size? NO, that’s my opinion! Not every person is healthy. Loving your body as it is now doesn’t mean that you won’t want to be the best YOU that you can be. It doesn’t mean you will not care about your health. Loving yourself will give you that desire to be good to yourself and part of that is being healthy. Being healthy doesn’t come in a dress size. Healthy is how you feel.

Check out the CNN program with Maria Kang:

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