I HEART Miranda Hart!


I have just discovered Miranda Hart, an English actress, comedian and writer. OMG… her comedy show is hilarious! I am laughing all the time. And because she is a very tall woman I think she will fit very well on my blog. She is 1.85 m tall and I think she might be an inbetweenie. I am not sure what her size is. Miranda: ‘People always mistake me for a man’.
She makes a lot of fun of herself and her length. There is one sketch in the show, where she tells about the shop she always has to go for clothes: ‘Big and long’. And with this statement she makes a point. When you are tall or bigger than average, you have to shop in special shops… a little embarrassing!

Check the ‘best moments’ in this video:

An interview on Standard with Miranda:

Do you mind being tall?
I don’t — but it can be annoying as it gives everyone I meet a licence to talk about my height. It’s considered a fair subject of discussion, and everyone asks me how big my feet are and where I get my clothes.

How big are your feet?
MH Size eight. I’m blessed with relatively small feet, actually.

Where do you get your clothes?
Fuck off. From fuckoff.com.

You look nice in that dress. Why don’t you buy one like it?
I have a dress already.

Why don’t you get another dress?
Because there’s only one dress that doesn’t make me look like a man in drag. So that’s my dress.

Would you ever have plastic surgery?
No, and I have a fantastic method for anti-ageing. It’s eating. Plumps out your skin beautifully. Actually, I like the lines — they show your life. Just this week I found some new wrinkles here on my nose. I realised it’s because, in this series, I pull this face quite a lot [pulls hilarious face]. We all get given these bodies and they’re all fascinating and different … I wouldn’t want to be without the wrinkles. [pause] Cut to me in 10 years’ time with a solid plastic face.

Don’t lose confidence or anything, but if the whole comedy thing doesn’t work out and series three is cack and you become showbiz toxic, what will you do?
Hmm…. I will think that I’ve done my bit and that’s fine. And then I’d like to come back to work in the office at Comic Relief.


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  • I just saw Miranda for the first time on the local cable station BBC channel… I live in Baja California Mexico and I found her to be just as funny as can be… she is tall !!! I’m tall for a Mex. (6’4″) and trust me I don’t see to many fems that tall around here…
    Just wanted to say all that…

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