Her style: Jamie JeTaime

I love women who have a strong style, who are outspoken. Women who dare to be noticed in a strong fashionable way. I got inspired by women in different sizes, colors, ages.

A crush for socks like me!

Let’s meet: Jamie JeTaime
Jaimie embraces the powerful transformative qualities of style. “This is not about being the forefront of fashion or knowing insider industry information. It’s about celebrating what we have. Too often we are treated that we are too much. Too large. Too small. Too loud. Too shy. Too flamboyant. Too modest. Too everything. Many of us start to believe we are too much and not enough at the same time. I created this because I truly believe in the transformative power of fashion. I am a body-positive curvy femme who loves to travel and dress-up. I do this for the ladies, femmes and anyone else that can relate.”

I really love her style, it’s very unique. I recognize myself in her. In her quirky style, unexpected combinations. Her size, her length. We are inbetweenie sisters! Love your style, Jaimie! Please keep doing this! There are not many curvy influencers on instagram who really inspire me in a fashion way… You make this boring fashion world, great again! Check her instagram!

That quirky curvy life

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