High end Full Figured Fashion?

The Huffington Post shows a video of VICE.com. A skinny, skinny reporter Charlet Duboc in a video about the Full Figure Fashionweek. First of: why a really skinny reporter? To show of the difference more? There must be a reason for this. I must say it’s great there’s a Full Figure Fashionweek, but this week has nothing to to with high end fashion or haute couture. This is a week of convient proud full figured women to show some clothes. Most of the time really obvious dramatic dresses and sexy bathingsuits. I haven’t seen any fashion 2011 on these runways. Unfortunately there’s NO designer clothes for women bigger than a size 12! The Full Figure Fashionweeks message is: the bigger, the better! I think it’s not good to be too fat or too thin. The shows on Full Figured Fashionweek are more a Miss plussize contest. There’s nothing wrong with pageants, but these have nothing to do with real fashion!. An older ‘fashionista’ in the video: people who are into high end fashion are very conscious about the way they look, and part of the way they look dictates how much they weigh. So these ‘fashion women’ are on a-life-long diet?

A lady on the runway competition, during FFFweek

1426fashionweek is doing the opposite. They show clothes by a diversity of sizes. Straight, inbetweenies show the clothes on the runway! I think this is more the reality. Even this will not be a high end, haute coute runway. Again this will be a more commercial runway. But that’s fine. This runway will take place on 13 november 2011.

I think the world is ready to see a diversity sizes of models on the pret-a-porter runways. It’s more realistic to show models in sizes as 8, 10, 12, 14 maybe a 16 (US) on the runway. My mission is to see more of these runways in the future!

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