High end plus size fashion! Zizzi Black label


Finally some high end clothes for us…

This week I was complaining about there is no really ‘fashion’ label for plus size women… and what do I see now? OMG… Zizzi Black label. So sad I couldn’t go for a press trip to Berlin this week to see this collection with my own eyes. I am already in LOVE… really in LOVE!

Zizzi is launching a new, exclusive and sophisticated sub-collection more than 25 styles: Zizzi Black Label, targeted towards the style-conscious and curvy woman. The collection will be available in stores from August 2015, with recommended retail prices ranging from EUR 54,95 to EUR 169,95.
This collection has been created as an extension of Zizzi’s current design philosophy, with focus on gorgeous design and an eye for details, and the Zizzi Black Label offers the very highest quality and choice of materials.
Just 1 thing…. Maybe next time, ad some color… just some advice from me.

And I am a big fan of Ali Cut Tatler, she is one of my favorite inbetweenie models! So cool Zizzi has chosen for her! Whoop whoop! You look gorgeous, girl!

What do you think about this collection? Would you buy it? Leave a comment!


Dear Zizzi, I NEED THIS!!! Suit….alicious!







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