H&M: fake bodies, fake sizes!

The bodies of most of the models H&M features on its website are computer-generated and “completely virtual,” the company has admitted. Oke, that the bodies are not real, is not good. That the sizes are not real, bothers me MORE! A size 44 is a size 40. And at the BIB area, the really plus sizes, are not even real plus anymore. A size 48 of the BIB feels as a 42 to me. Who is fooling who? Please: why don’t the sizes, inside the clothes, match with the real sizes?


  • You are absolutely right! And its really annoying, that they changed the sizes. But H&M is not the only fashion “label” that altered the sizes, there are a lot of stores and label which did it too.
    What is that supposed to achieve??? I dont know.

  • Eens! Klopt niks van die maten bij de BIB-collectie! Heb ik onlangs over geklaagd bij de verkoopsters. Die waren zelf ook verbaasd over de maatvoering. Reden voor mij om niet online bij H&M te kopen, want als ik ga passen neem ik voor de zekerheid maar 3 verschillende maten mee.
    Ander verbeterpuntje voor H&M: het is onmogelijk om via internet de adressen vd vestigingen met BIB-collectie te achterhalen.

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