H&M is confused


She’s a lady too

Lauren Hutton, Adwoa Aboah, Hari Nef, Pum Lefebure and Jillian Hervey fronts H&M’s new campaign for autumn 2016, accompanied by a new version of ‘She’s a lady’.
A new campaign video, all different kind of women. Different ages, color and size. My first thoughts… wow! Amazing… But for the women with a larger size, it’s easier for her to shop in the regular collection, then the plus size section. The last one is very poor, no fashion at all and the sizing is so bad. So, that’s why I am not surprised by the news, HM+ in NYC, will not be in their shops anymore.

H&M is confused. Earlier this month the Studio AW16 is the shop, they showed Ashley Graham in their campaign. A full size 46 EU. But none of the plus size looks of this Studio selection was available in the shop, but also not online. I scored the amazing coat in size 44 EU from this Studio AW 16 and it fits fantastic! And I even bought more items at H&M. I haven’t bought anything from the HM+ collection in years. No fashion, not my style. The sizing is not good, I need a size 52 or 54 in a jeans, that’s not good! And on the other side, I can wear a size 44 EU dress in the regular collection.


H&M quietly pulled plus sizes from all of its NYC stores for an infuriating reason on Revelist. And more about ‘more sizes available online’. In Europe the HM+ is still available in the stores, but for how long?

What exactly do you want to say to us women, H&M? I have 1 thing to tell you. Drop the HM+ collection and extend your regular collection to a size 48 EU. No more clothes hidden in a corner in the back. All women in different sizes, want the same stuff. My opinion, H&M doesn’t believe in plus size anymore, when I see this collection for the past 5 years. If you don’t believe in it, don’t do it! If you do, go for it! Work with plus size bloggers, to change your point of view! It’s all up to you!

H&M,this was my free advice, if you need more… a ticket to Stockholm, and I will be there!

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