H&M Straight size shows an average size model!


Do you see her?


The ad (above) is AMAZING!!! There’s a average size model in it, but it wasn’t called out. And that is progress!

On Glamour I read this article and I totally agree. This is how straight size campaigns should be. Show a size 36 EU, 6 US next to a 44 EU, 14 US. And no… a size 44 EU, is not plus size… it’s an average size woman, an inbetweenie! And yes… finally a campaign how it should be!

In fact, quietly featuring a model like Katy Syme is the exact progress a lot of people have been calling for. While the industry’s been at work making plus-size models more mainstream, the token size-14 girl is getting a little tired—mainly because, while their inclusion is all well and good, consumers and tastemakers alike feel it still segregates the plus-size population. No one noticed it… and this is how it should be. That it should be natural and mixed in a right way! Well done, H&M…

Oh… and the hm studio aw16 is amazing! And Ashley Graham was in their show and also in their lookbook! So now I expect the clothes are 44-46 EU proof because Ashley is wearing these items. Or are they customized for her. Normally this kind of H&M collections only go up to size 42 EU.
I am in love with some items… pfff.. my style!!! LOVE IT! Hopefully inbetweenie proof!!! Almost available! On the 8th of September. Can’t wait.

H&M’s fall ’16 Studio collection will be available on September 8 and is available in straight and plus sizes. So yes… there will be items in plus sizes… I don’t want to be negative, but probably not my favorites… but the best items will be in the straight size collection.
The plus size range of the H&M Studio fall ’16 collection will only be sold online. Straight sizes will, of course, be available in stores.

My studio aw16 favorites:









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