“HM wants to show diversity in their advertising”


Metro had an interview with Karl-Johan Persson, H&M’s young CEO. It was about the Bangladesh clothing factory fires, the cheap clothes and about anorexic models. And about introducing curvier models? I was waiting for this a loooooong time!

There’s a lot of discussion about anorexic models right now. Shouldn’t HM introduce curvier models? If it did, both consumers and the fashion industry would listen…? We have a huge responsibility here. We’re a large company, many people see us, and we advertise a lot. I don’t think we’ve always been good. Some of the models we’ve had have been too skinny.

That’s something we think a lot about and are working on. We want to show diversity in our advertising and not give people the impression that girls have to look a particular way. By and large, I think we’ve succeeded: we’ve many different kinds of models from different ethnic backgrounds. In our last campaign we had a somewhat more buxom model, and now we’re having Beyoncé, who’s a bit curvier as well. I believe that the models in our advertising should look sound and healthy.

There are models who’re too thin or obviously underweight, but there are also those who’re just thin, and they’re the ones we should keep working with, as long as they look sound and healthy. We can get more disciplined, because sometimes there have been mistakes.

If you were to go to the fashion industry and say: ‘We’ve introduced more buxom models, and you should, too’, would they listen to you or laugh? “It’s hard to say. It’s possible that we can help make a change, but this is a huge industry. In some cases there are models where we say, ‘H&M doesn’t work with such models’. So we’re not blind to the issue. But I have to be honest and say that some of our models have been too skinny. That’s not OK.”

Well well, having Beyonce in their campaign is great, and they really wanted to show her curves. But this was not the real story! Beyonce ordered H&M chiefs to ditch photos of her modelling their bikinis, after they ‘SHRANK’ her famous curves. “When Beyonce found out they had edited the way her body really looked, she hit the roof. She’s a true diva and was furious that she had been given such a snubbing. Her people refused to give the pictures the green light so H&M were forced to use the originals.”


And I think this is a good thing, I have seen many pictures of her and ‘erase’ her curves. Please, this gorgeous woman with a fantastic body! Show it to the world! Show (young) women it’s ok to have curves!
And I hope HM is going to show more size diversity in their advertising… this would be a big step for fashion! Hopefully many brands will follow!

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  • ahhhhh I HOPE they use larger models like they did in their swimwear plug campaign, however I hope they don't just put them in the "drapy" clothing that hides curves either. I work for H&M and I wish they would show more options for in-betweenies, I can't fit into plus sizes, but a lot of the numbered sizes (0-14) don't fit well either!

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