The Holidays – selling love and fairy tales


Do you believe in fairy tales?

The Holidays are full of moments when we treasure warmth, family time and friendship. We dine with the people we love, buy presents for them and wish they could have a beautiful year ahead. Many retailers such as Marks and Spencer, Selfridges and John Lewis try to capture these feelings in their Christmas adverts and although their main goal is to win some customers, the story they tell can be heartwarming.

Editor: Dorien Luyckx

John Lewis
Last year’s Christmas advert of John Lewis was spot on and touched the heart of many people. The friendship between a bear and a hare shows how we all want to share time with the one’s dearest to us and that this moment’s together we need to treasure.

This year John Lewis wins over hearts with a touching story about a boy and it’s penguin in search of love. Monty The penguin feels alone and is in need of a soulmate. His best friend, the little boy, makes this wish come true. As the previous advert they capture the essence of humanity: love and friendship.

Marks and Spencer
Marks and Spencer try it with a more happy and intriguing clip. In their story come to live the two fairies Magic and Sparkle that around Christmas spread joy and happiness. In previous Christmas adverts they preferred celebrities to show up, but they changed course this year and opted for more computer-generated effect to make the story truly magical.


Selfridges doesn’t try to win over hearts through a television screen, but instead they offer people passing by their shops a story of mystery and fairy tales. Instead of making their own narrative they reuse common stories in a modern setting to show how these stories can come true in the Selfridges shops.

hanzel and gretel selfridges

You can see Hansel and Gretel in front of the candy house surrounded with toys or the ugly duckling that is transformed in a beautiful swan.

ugly duckling

Red riding hood is also present surrounded by forest animals with beautiful jewelries.
red riding hood selfridges

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