How to cure this sick (fashion) industry?


Pfff…. last days, weeks… I have been reading all these different opinions from different people about others on social media. I just don’t know how to react anymore… it’s better to be silent. What the hell is going on in this world, now a days? Now I could’t be quiet anymore… I had to write about this ‘sick’ (fashion) industry.

The world likes ‘hypes’ and ‘extremes’. Big applause for a man becoming a woman? And in 1 hour he… euh.. she has 1 million followers on twitter. Caitlyn on the cover of Vanity Fair. A lot of respect for Bruce… euh Caitlyn. But what about al these men and women sruggleing in the ‘real world’ with this problem. There are afraid to show and change. Because it’s still not accepted. And yes.. it’s great to have a new big inspiration. And I must admit, Caitlyn is the biggest ‘transformer’ in celeb world.


On instagram showing how healthy you are, how flat your stomach is iron the other side, girls are showing how vulnerable they are by showing themselves on a not flattering way in bikini, show their love handles and more. Selfies without makeup or filters. And on the other side, beauty bloggers show how much make up you need to look good. Trends ‘being yourself and natural’ and on the other side the ‘illusion’ to be as skinny as possible, super gorgeous, etc. What is it? Is it just the entertainment?

Cindy Crawford
Remember the photo of Cindy Crawford in lingerie for Marie Claire? Marie Claire magazine confirmed that the lingerie shot from their December 2013 issue was authentic — they wrote: ‘It is real, it is honest, and it is gorgeous.” And then there was this ‘snapshot’ from Cindy in bikini at the pool. And it has certainly sparked a massive debate about body image and touched-up photography on social media. So what do we want to see? The perfect body or the body we can recognize ourselves? This whole thing is so contrary.


Too skinny
The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) who have just banned the YSL advert pictured below. It features 18-year-old Dutch model Kiki Willems. They called it ‘irresponsible’ and criticised its promotion of ‘anorexia chic’. ‘We therefore considered that the model appeared unhealthily underweight in the image and concluded that the ad was irresponsible.’ The French fashion house has responded by saying that it does not believe the model was unhealthily thin and has thus far not offered any further justification. What is going on??? the whole fashion world is promoting size zero. Now there is this model, having this size… she has feel called too skinny. Please… what is the correct size model? Too skinny, too ‘real’ or too fat. yes… the only answer is: show diversity and the reflection of the reality in fashion.


Samantha Arditti, head of the Be Real Campaign, the UK’s national movement for body confidence, said: “We need media, advertisers and publishers to use images that show a diverse range of models to reflect what we really look like so we can feel more confident about who we are, which in turn will not only lead to a healthier attitude to our bodies but a society that values health above appearance.”

Tess Holiday
But then there was Tess Holiday. A influencer with another extreme body and size. Also she is not the woman who is average. No, compared to kiki Willems, she is also a size which a little amount of women in the whole world has. And she gets a lot of love and hate to deal with.
But… if ASA banned the YSL picture, why don’t they ban campaigns with models in the size as Tess Holiday? Because these are 2 extreme sizes and body shapes.

Size diversity in fashion is my mission. And I believe in ‘natural size’. I am writing about this already from the beginning of this website. After 4 years, it’s still not ‘normal’ to accepted. How long do we have to wait?


Is there an answer to cure this sick fashion industry? Because… yes, it’s ill. Confused. I hope the fashion industry will show more and more different ‘natural size’ models next to each other. So everyone will get used to it. No more size discussions anymore. No more extremes to make a ‘shock effect’. I think this be such a great influence for the whole world. More and more people will accept themselves and have more respect for the other. Because everyone is unique, so are YOU! Be proud of that!

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