How to wear a poncho?


My tips how to wear it!


I have made different styling videos for Samoon, and this time I will show you one of them. In all videos I speak English, I hope you will understand me good enough! More about my collaboration with Samoon. This time the poncho.

My poncho styling tips! (This video in in English!)

Personally I am not a poncho fan. Most of the time it’s a bohemian style. And this style is totally not me… But if I would wear it, it would be like this! Make a statement like the picture above! Or wear it as a scarf on a leather jacket or a thick sweater.

A poncho is like a blanket, so you have to give it some shape! Specially when you are have a curvy body, it’s a pity to cover your body too much. And you will look larger than you exactly are.
But with a belt you will it more shape. And it can be a very classy and stylish way to wear it.

Nausheen Shah is wearing a fabulous one!

The 1st a very classy and sophisticated way, put a belt around your waist.Poncho, Samoon

The 2nd, wear it like scarf! Poncho, Samoon

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