‘Hungry’ Crystal Renn


Gorgeous Crystal Renn on the cover of Hunger TV. I think it’s a little funny to see her on this magazine with a title Hunger. Do you remember the start of her getting famous? It was because of her book ‘Hungry’. “When Crystal Renn was 14, someone told her she could be a supermodel one day. That person was a scout for a modeling agency and he explained that all she had to do was lose a bit of weight. Renn had the height, lost 42 percent of her body weight to get the shape, and went to New York City at 16 to begin her career as a straight size model.

Two years later she put all the weight back on, went into plus size modeling, and became the supermodel she had been told she could become.” Hungry is a heartbreaking story of what one teenage girl had to go through to find true happiness at the size her body wanted to be. Now she’s a size 38 EU/8 US and hopefully she’s happy in this size right now. I must say, she is gorgeous in every size!

Check out this issue 4 teaser:


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