‘I am all woman’


‘I am all woman’ Campaign shows models in all their unretouched glory


On SELF and on Vogue I read about this project and I love to see this diversity. Models like Denise Bidot, Shivani Persad, Clémentine Desseaux, Leaf, Charli Howard, and Victoria Brito, Barbie Ferreira are in this project! And these gorgeous inbetweenies next to the straight size models is the way I love to see campaigns. Well done! I am a BIG FAN!
Models Charli Howard and Clémentine Desseaux gathered a diverse squad of models to pose for their new body-positive project.


Last year, British model Charli Howard made waves when she stood up to her modeling agency. The 25-year-old took to Facebook, writing, “Here’s a big F*** YOU to my (now ex) model agency, for saying that at 5’8″ tall and a UK size 6-8 (naturally), I’m ‘too big’ and ‘out of shape’ to work in the fashion industry.”
Charlie Howard wrote that she was leaving the body-shaming agency ASAP, telling the agency, “the more you force models to lose weight and be small, the more designers have to make clothes to fit our sizes, and the more young girls are being made ill. It’s no longer an image I choose to represent.”
Charlie Howard moved to work with a new agency, MUSE Management, and it’s there she met French plus-size model and body-positive blogger Clémentine Desseaux, 28. And now, they’re taking a stand together. The two teamed up to create a powerful video and editorial campaign that launches today called All Woman Project. It’s mission: To push back on the lack of diversity in the modeling industry and to show that women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, sans retouching.

Check this All Woman Project – Trailer

For the project, Howard and Desseaux posed with eight other models, including famous faces Iskra Lawrence and Barbie Ferreira, who’ve also spoken out as body-positive activists. The women are pictured without any retouching, all ‘flaws’ on display. Everyone looks confident and incredible in the photos, and it begs the question: Why aren’t more fashion campaigns this beautifully real? Howard hopes the campaign can get people in the industry thinking about the issue.

The two models also made the campaign unique by styling the women in clothing solely by female designers and using only female photographers and videographers. It’s a campaign truly by women for women. And to Desseaux, it’s a dream come true. All photos made by Heather Hazzan and Lily Cummings.






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