‘I want to design a line with body diversity in mind’


Former anorexic, later plus-size model Crystal Renn, now size 38 EU/8 US, wants to design fashion for women big AND small: ‘I want to design a line with body diversity in mind’.  She did a shoot for Net-A-Porter’s magazine: the EDIT(h), almost my name, in a summer shoot. She beliefs that sample sizes should all be size 8. And I think the same, in fashion there should be the opportunity for the stylist to choose a size: 8 or even a 12.

Saying she is happy with the way she now looks, Crystal has previously revealed in interviews: ‘I don’t let my body dictate whether I’m happy or not. The goal is to go live, and worry about the rest later.’ She has been every size… and for me Crystal is the symbol of ‘style has no size’. And size diversity is the new musthave in fashion!!!!! I can only encourage this statement and project! I want to see size diversity in magazines and on the runways! If samples stay small sizes, this is not going to work easily!

I high lighted some questions from an older interview with Crystal on Fashion Magazine:
I don’t like the term “plus-size.” Do you? Crystal: “What it means to me is freedom. It takes away number obsession. Lose or gain an inch, there’s no pressure—there’s always work.”
Maybe we need to come up with a new vernacular. Crystal: “I think just ‘models’ will do.”

A fantastic quote of her: “Every decade has a body type. The ’50s was the hourglass, the ’60s was thin, the ’80s was the Amazonian woman, the ’90s was the waif. Let’s not make it about one body type—let’s have them all, and that should last forever.”



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