I’m singing in the rain!


” I’m singing in the rain…. wearing my rain boots!”


Photos by Simone van Rees

Living in the Netherlands, means you are used to the rain! Specially this period of the year. Wet, grey but not so cold. It’s great to dress well, but shoes is always a thing. You don’t want your nice shoes become wet of you don’t want cold wet feet! Now I have tried these wide calf rain boots from Wide Wellies. Most of the regular rain boots, I can’t wear… because they are too tight for my calves.
Wide Wellies, a Dutch website, is specialized in rainboots for wide calves and they will go up to size 43.


They have different prints, like flowers, leopard, red, polkadots, etc. I have chosen the black and white polkadot style for 74,95! My calf size was XL. I measured my calves 47cm, but when I tried them on I thought they were a little too wide… but with thick socks… they are perfect! And I like they are wide around my legs, optical they look skinnier… lol!

I must admit… I don’t mind the rain… walking on my new rain boots is fun now!

Wearing: coat, Zizzi and umbrella, Marks & Spencer and rainboots, Wide Wellies

DO you have problems to find boots? Do you have wide calfs too? Let me know, soon there will be a shopping with wide calf boots!

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