Impressed by Pushwagner


Yesterday I visited the exhibition ‘Soft City’ of Hariton Pushwagner at Dutch museum Boymans van Beuningen in Rotterdam. Pushwagner is the artist pseudonym of Terje Brofos, a Norwegian pop art artist. To be honest: I had never heard about this artist before. But seeing his work and especially his documentary, I was very impressed. A great story and work. A lot of details… in pop art style.
I love his quote in the documentary: “control has nothing to do with fantasy”.

Respect for this man! After his divorce, he was kicked out of his house. He ended up homeless and lived on the streets for almost 2 years. Addicted to drugs and alcohol. But he survived and made a come back with his work and finally his exhibition. In May he will celebrate his 73rd birthday.




Walking to the exit of the museum, I was completely surprised to see that Puswagner was there signing books. I couldn’t believe it. And of course I bought his book. I lined up to have my book signed and I spoke to him a bit. I feel honored that he signed my book.



The artist himself was wearing a fantastic suit. I asked him which brand it was. Proudly he answered me and wrote in my book: Moods of Norway. A suit with his own print. Don’t you think it’s great?



A trailer of his documentary.

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