In between fashion

Well well… sounds great when people are working on some IN-BETWEEN-FASHION collections. This week Christine Kardashian was on the ‘Morning Show’ in Australia showing her collection of her own label.
Christine knows my blog and it’s great seeing people accepting being an inbetweenie and working on clothes for this group. And I think it’s fantastic because I started this whole ‘inbetweenie statement’, seeing more and more people are talking about inbetween sizes and inbetweenie models. She’s an inbetweenie herself, she must know what this group wants and needs. She has some jackets, tops, trousers and a jumpsuit. I am missing the dresses and skirts! Especially in this ‘new group’ in the fashion industry, dresses and skirts are perfect for a curvy body! Hmmm…. some day… I will….?

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