Inbetweenie collection online tomorrow!


Only 1 more day… waiting till my webshop will be officially online! I have been very excited the last days. A long year of working hard on this dream; this dream will finally be ‘reality’ tomorrow. I hope you will be as happy with this inbetweenie collection as I am. I am very proud of the items. Finally ‘fashion items’ in our size! Please let me know what YOU think about this collection, the items, the colours, the fabrics!

And no, there’s no model in my images… because I did not want to give the collection ‘a face’ already. EveryBODY in size 42-48 EU/12-18 US in every age is the woman I have been designing for. I’m designing for the proud woman with confidence who’s looking for some nice fashion items in their size! By the way.. from now on I will not only promote my own label… on this blog I will still promote and give my opinion about other brands and labels.

And my blog will get all the attention and love I already gave it for almost 2 years and maybe even more!! Because of this blog and YOU, lovely and gorgeous women, I decided to start this label… because the ‘forgotten group’ will no longer be forgotten! No, I make sure we will be more and more in the spotlight!

Check out the mood video, to get an impression about the label!

Also a backstage video, I am talking about the label…

Both video’s are made by Naomi Bais, I want to THANK her so much for making these great video’s and for her time!


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