inbetweenie goes vintage!

Vintage is a very good way to shop! Create your look unique and different!
I visited a really great shop jutka & riska.
They have 3 shops in the Netherlands and 1 in Belgium.
The concept of the store is so great! They have vintage clothes and the new collection of the season!
I immediately saw they have some great buyers, who really knows what fashion anno 2011 means! And don’t be scared not to go because of the high prices, because it’s NOT!
A lot of accessories are from Club Manhattan: really cool and fashion things!

You really should give it a try to go shop vintage! Did you know clothes in the 80s and 90s were bigger as the sizes now a days? Sometimes 1 size larger! So for inbetweenies very interesting to visit vintage markets and shops. When you’re lucky you’ll find a great designer piece! And another thing: 90s means oversized! So even more top, jackets will fit!

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