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My new look! I want to show and inspire you what to wear! I combine regular brands and sizes with plus size brands. I want you to go into all shops, and just focus the shape, not the size! I also want to show you that you don’t have to buy expensive clothes to get an exclusive look. I wear different kind of looks: from simple unicolor clothes to vintage rebellious or print-on-print outfits. Or combinations of them.

Dare to be different, dare to be noticed and don’t forget: fashion is fun! #fashionisfun is one of my important hashtags on instagram! Follow me there!

#IamwearingRI is the hashtag River Island uses for their social media! So, when you have something from RI or RI plus, use it! Hello sunshine! In the Netherlands we don’t see the sun so much… we need it! That’s why I am wearing yellow! I will be the sunshine! haha! For the picture I am wearing it complete, but in real I think I will wear it separate from each other. I feel a bit like a huge Tweety! The shape of the trousers is fantastic… wide and 7/8 length. The style of of trousers I am looking for a while. I styled it ‘down’, make it more casual and sporty. I combined it with a light grey shirt, H&M and white sneakers from River Island, last year! Put some heals under it (style it ‘up’), and the style is completely different! The size of the trousers is 22 UK, 50 EU and the blazer is a size 20 UK, 48 EU. The blazer is a bit small, normally a size 18 UK, should be fine. Trousers are correct… I need a larger size nowadays (a hum).

River Island Dames




This suit from River Island, available on their website!

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