Inbetweenie inspiration looks: Kenzo style!


See the complete look!


My new look! I want to show and inspire you what to wear! I combine regular brands and sizes with plus size brands. I want you to go into all shops, and just focus the shape, not the size! I also want to show you that you don’t have to buy expensive clothes to get an exclusive look. I wear different kind of looks: from simple unicolor clothes to vintage rebellious or print-on-print outfits. Or combinations of them.

Dare to be different, dare to be noticed and don’t forget: fashion is fun! #fashionisfun is one of my important hashtags on instagram! Follow me there!

A detail of the blouse of Kenzo X HM, earring Monki.

Yes, this morning I had to go to the centre of Den Haag for some returns of clothes. Of course I knew today was K-day! I wrote about the collaboration before. And when the first news came, I was excited. After I saw the the whole collection, I knew Kenzo X HM is not really my thing! .


I thought, after I did the things I had to do, let’s see HM Bonneterie if there is some Kenzo stuff left. It was about 11.00 and I was expecting a busy shop, with screaming people to score at least something from Kenzo.
But…. I arrived at the little corner of the designer collection. And really almost everything was still there. Beside the ‘casual T shirts’ and ‘casual sweaters’ off course. These were the only items ‘the average dutch’ have the guts to wear. Haha… and I believe… there will be a lot left in sale end of the month!


I decided to buy something to make a look with. So, I scored this mega oversized dress. I was wearing a size 40 EU, but a size 56 EU can easy wear this. That’s an absolutely worth an applause. because normally it’s not meant for plus size women. But now it is! Oeh yeah! Lucky us! So.. some of the items are plus size proof!

Here’s my statement: style has no size! And every woman in every size can wear Kenzo…

Oh, this is not a ‘keeper’, I only bought the dress for this item and this look, to show YOU… always try items, even if the size label is not the correct number! Shop your shape, not your size! And if you want to have it let me know, before I return it to the shop!

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