Inbetweenie inspiration looks: sporty chic


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My new look! I want to show and inspire you what to wear! I combine regular brands and sizes with plus size brands. I want to show you that you don’t have to buy expensive clothes to get an exclusive look. I wear different kind of looks: from simple unicolor clothes to vintage rebellious or print-on-print outfits. Or combinations of them.

I use clothing or clothing combinations that flatter me, make me look slimmer (optical styling).
Dare to be different, dare to be noticed and don’t forget: fashion is fun! #fashionisfun is one of my important hashtags on instagram!

This time I am wearing a semi sporty, chic style. Grey long bomber jacket from Costes (Fashion). The blouse also from Costes. Combined with knitted skirt, Primark. My sailors hat, Jos van Dijck. Sneakers, Adidas and socks Topshop.

Inbetweenie proof
Probably you think? huh? Costes… a Dutch straight size brand … Yes, a brand where I shop a lot and I can find items in my size. For inbetweenies you can do a great shopping over there! The size range is from XS to XXL. XL is like a size 44 and sometimes even a bit larger, depends on the shape. It’s also possible to shop on their website Costes (Fashion)!

Sample sale
And guess what? There’s a sample sale in Amsterdam. When? 4 and 5 March. Where? Wicked Grounds in Amsterdam. How? Buy a ticket for 5 euro and you can spend 10 euro. They open new shops in Alkmaar and Amsterdam on 18 March, Hoofddorp on 8 April.




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