Inbetweenie inspiration looks: time to sparkling!


See the complete look!


My new look! I want to show and inspire you what to wear! I combine regular brands and sizes with plus size brands. I want you to go into all shops, and just focus the shape, not the size! I also want to show you that you don’t have to buy expensive clothes to get an exclusive look. I wear different kind of looks: from simple unicolor clothes to vintage rebellious or print-on-print outfits. Or combinations of them.

Dare to be different, dare to be noticed and don’t forget: fashion is fun! #fashionisfun is one of my important hashtags on instagram! Follow me there!

STYLE HAS NO AGE… 1 day after my 40th birthday, it’s time to accept and go on. I will not change at all, I will never grow up and I keep wearing the clothes I love! Every woman deserves to be noticed, every woman deserves to shine! I shine because I love clothes, fashion is fun! And my bomber jacket is also shining! The sequins jacket is from Primark, only 15 euro! I combined with with black. The top is from River Island plus and the skirt, an oldie, is from Boohoo plus. The cute little sequins bag, also from Primark. The shoes, Zara, summer collection.

It’s totally fashion to combine party items in a casual way. You can combine this bomber also with a pair of jeans and a simple sweater.



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