Inbetweenie Laura Wells in Cosmopolitan Australia

Gorgeous inbetweenie Laura Wells in Cosmopolitan Australia… Love it! Great model, love the styling… a real inbetweenie summer story! Not too thin, not too fat…. just perfect!!!
Again applause for down under!!!


  • Love the pictures…but not your comment about “not too thin, not too fat – perfect”. Determining a “perfect standard” for a body (whether that standard be size 0, size 2, size 6, 12,,,,) is imposing external standards that are unhealthy and perpetuate the industry in which many women from participating in fashion due to size. I can fit standard clothes and so am not “plus size” while being curvy, but I strongly object to you now imposing a new body standard (even if it happens to fit me). Embracing ourselves however we are and focusing on health NOT size and visual standards is what I hope we could move towards.

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