Inbetweenie model Naomi Shimada

Seeing this gorgeous inbetweenie model Naomi Shimada more and more these days! Asos, Simply Be and, of course, many many other things! And I just discovered her own blog: naomishimada. She’s a beautiful mix: her father is Japanese and her mother Dutch/Canadian/English/Irish. So proud, she’s having some Dutch blood as well! Naomi says: “Being a ‘plus size’ model I do see a gap in the market of what’s missing for women of a bigger size. Would maybe love to design a small concept line one day! The average size in the UK is a 16! The high street is screaming out for a cooler, youthful brand to supply the gap.” And I totally agree: that gap is the forgotten group: the inbetweenies!

Just love this shoot, Naomi Shimada, photography by Rachell Smith.

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