Inbetweenies are hungry for more trendy fashion!

A research from Mintel on Plus-size clothing is thin on the ground.
UK retailers are missing out on opportunities to capitalise on the booming market for plus-size clothing, new research has found, with a massive 80% of plus-size women feeling that too few stores offer enough choice for non-mainstream sizes.

“Many plus-size consumers are hungry for more trend-led fashion options in larger sizes, and this demand will continue to rise. It is no longer acceptable to marginalise and ignore this growing customer base, which has traditionally been underserved by fashion retailers”.

“…. size will become an even more important issue in society,” notes Richard Cope, principal trends analyst at Mintel Inspire.

The best solution will be: extend the mainstream labels, so every inbetweenie can shop everything she wants!
Retailers: don’t shut your eyes for us, inbetweenies! We want to look as fashionable as straight size women!
So retailers, all over the world: wake up!!!!

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