Inbetweenies are padding or wearing a fatsuit!

Marquita Pring is telling she’s a small inbetweenie and for shoots sometimes she wears paddings to look like a bigger one!
Most of the clients they like a plussize model being a size 14-16 (US) but want to have the face, legs smaller.

Whats wrong with padding? I did also a few maternity shoots with straight size models, who weren’t pregnant.
We used a fake belly underneath the clothes.

There is sort of an ideal body type for the straight size girls. Does the same go for your market?
Every client is different. You get a wide range. Some people like you much smaller, size 10, size 8. Some people would prefer a 14 or 16. So for me, I’m right in the middle at a sort of small 14, high 12. So I pad sometimes since I’ve got clients who would prefer a solid 14 or 16.

You pad? What does that mean?
Literally. I don’t know if we should reveal this secret! They’re pieces of foam. So I just lay them flat on each hip underneath [hosiery]. They’re like a solid inch and a half thick.

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