Inbetweenies in Italian style!

Vrouw 1 ©DafneEderveen.

A great story with these beautiful inbetweenies Jana (size 42 EU, size 12 US) and Andrea (size 42 EU, size 12 US). It was published in Vrouw magazine, by Telegraaf. And Dafne Ederveen took these great pictures! The story is a bit inspired by the Vogue Italia editorial, of June 2011.

Vrouw 02 ©DafneEderveen.

Vrouw 2 ©DafneEderveen

Vrouw 3 ©DafneEderveen.

Vrouw 03 ©DafneEderveen.

Vrouw 4 ©DafneEderveen

Vrouw 5 ©DafneEderveen.

Vrouw 6 ©DafneEderveen.


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