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Friday was the final of THE VOICE of Holland and Leona is the winner 2012! But for me Pomme van de Ven was a winner! A winner because she showed some size diversity on tv. I love this young inbetweenie who can sing and looks great! And to bring her back in the spotlight, here’s an interview with her! And I am very proud to have her on my blog!
Photography: Cleo Goossens

1. Are you happy with yourself, your body, your clothes size? ‘At the moment I am very happy with myself, but if you had asked me the same question six months ago I would have given you a different answer. I have recently lost ten kilos and feel much happier with my body. I have started to live a much healthier life and started to take care for myself, the extra kilos weren’t right for me! But a size 36 will never look good on me, that’s NOT what I want, I just want to feel good!’

2. Do you look after yourself? Eat healthily, work out? ‘For a while now I have being working out twice a week and watching what I eat. But apart from that I enjoy a drink now and again and to party when the opportunity occurs!’

3. Where do you prefer to buy your clothes? Which shops? Which webshops? ‘My favorite shops at the moment are “River Island”, which I prefer, and then “Primark” and by H&M I can usually find some good things. My favourite webshops are “asos” and “topshop”. Lately, especially since I lost some weight, I have been extending and experimenting with my dress style.’

4. Are you very fashion conscious? ‘Yes, I always have been. I keep an eye out in the fashion magazines and observe the people around me. I can easily spend an afternoon in the city watching people and analyzing what they are wearing. Then when I see something in a shop I will experiment and combine with things I already have!’

5. Which magazines do you read or enjoy regularly? ‘I like to read the ‘Linda’ and the ‘Stars’. I like the ‘Linda’ specially for the photos which I think are fantastic, and I secretly dream about being able to do such a photo shoot some day, and the ‘Stars’ because I find it interesting and love to read about celebrity’s, what they wear and what the new trends are.’

6. What are your favorite websites or blogs? ‘I don’t usually look at blogs but I have to say since I have discovered Stylehasnosize, that I have a look at least once a week.’

7. Describe your own style. ‘My style is tremendous. I love colour, especially in the Summer. I love to wear big gold jewellery, in particular rings, bracelets and necklaces. My earrings are usually smaller, but always gold! I like casual, I love dresses and skirts but only with a pair of chunky boots or sneakers. I have a couple of pairs of high-waist trousers and skirts, which I find show off your waist and make you look slimmer. Besides these in the winter I also wear a lot of blouses and baggy sweaters, which I combine with a pair of tight trousers or leggings, gives the look of not being a big, sloppy outfit. As accessoiries I have a lot of hats. With my make-up I have the standard mascara with a thick line of eyeliner over the top. I would love to use fake eyelashes every day but I know once I start with them I won’t be able to stop! I love it when people think “she looks great, even though she has a size 42”.’

8. Who is / are your fashion icon(s) or examples? ‘My biggest icon is Adele, this is particularly because of her music and the way she portrays herself as a person. I like the way she dresses, it suits her but it’s not for me. I love the style of Gwen Stefanie and I think Lady Gaga is amazing. I think she is a fantastic artist and performer, and I love her style simply because it’s so extreme.’

9. Have you ever had a negative experience due to your clothes size? ‘A sales lady in a shop once said to me “the big sizes are hanging over there!” And I have been harassed for my size but I have never made a big deal of it but instead I learnt to open my mouth and say something back. But you will always meet people who think less of you for that reason, as long as you don’t believe it yourself!’

10. What do you think of the latest fashion and trend? ‘I think it’s a pity that a lot of people think that they must have a size 36 to be able to wear all kinds of clothes and to think that they “fit in”. I would love it if in the future the plus size models of nowadays would be called the “regular” models. Of course I understand that somebody with a size 64 will never become the new model for Victoria’s Secret, but look at the fashion and trends during the era of Marilyn Monroe! That can come back!?’

11. What advice would you like to give young ladies who are unsecure about their bodies or clothes size? ‘You only look good if you feel good, then you are radiant. Even if you have the “perfect” size 36, if you are not happy with yourself, this is the message to send out. I don’t like that. Try and find your own style, you don’t have to have that certain pair of trousers with the motive on, as long as you find an alternative that suits you.’

12. What do you think of the term ‘inbetweenie’? Women with sizes 40/42-48 who are too small for the plus size market but too big for the regular market. ’I love the term, a term that you can be proud of. I would love it if more attention was paid to it in the fashion world. I would find it great and really cool if an International clothing line, chain or shop would devote themselves to producing clothes for young inbetweenies who can’t wear all the clothes from for example ‘Zara’. Hopefully it would become a lot easier and more fun for young “inbetweenies” to develop their own style and it would become easier for them to buy larger sizes.’

13. What are your ambitions or dreams? ‘Hopefully I will become a successful actress or singer. My ambitions are especially to develop my own style in the areas of fashion and music and live my life the way I want to.’

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