Is Adele working on her own clothes label?


My advice to Adele


Really??? Adele is working on her own clothes label? Mirror wrote about this already in January. And The Curvy Fashionista also wrote about it.

A source told Now magazine: “It’s still in the early stages, but she’s been getting input from several designers and working on her own sketches.
“There will be a few signature pieces, like her favourite winter apparel, the poncho, but mostly it’ll be mix-and-match daywear in neutral tones. She’s chosen really high-end, soft fabrics – the clothes are meant to be comfortable above everything else.”
It is said Adele’s potential collection would be aimed at busy mums, with the report claiming it will focus on loungewear for all sizes.



My advice to Adele

Dear Adele,

The only thing about this rumor is, I really hope it’s true. I would suggest to YOU to come with great evening dresses in higher prices. Instead of ‘loungewear’ for all sizes. We have enough onesies or pajamas to wear at home! Please… do something which fit you more. Dresses and more ‘high end’ items! Items like the ‘rich’ look in great outfits like you wear when you are not performing. (see the black looks below)
Lately you look really AMAZING in your red carpet dresses. Your new look is fantastic and so are the dresses! If you need any advice, you can always give me a call or mail me!

Good luck!



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