Is an image change on the way?

If you would have walked into a store that sold plus size clothing about 15 years ago, it would have been impossible to miss. Sweaters, tunics and even jeans were covered with bears. Yes, seriously! Pictures of cute fluffy bears. Who came up with the idea that grown women, with size 12 and up, wanted to wear clothes with bears on them? Bears really weren’t a HOT fashion-item to serve as inspiration for clothes.

After the bears came the other extreme. This woman had to look lascivious. The word alone: lascivious. I can feel the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. So all the clothes had to look sexy. Show off your assets, and of course that meant your boobs. Let those be the eyecatcher, then no one will look at your stomach anymore.

Following that was the sporty fase. The fuller woman looks her best if she looks sporty. It was anything but showing up in tracksuits. Was this meant as some sort of compensation? Oh and within this ‘sporty phase’ you had various themes. Something to each person’s liking!
Finally we have landed in the period that these women look like they are going to a really cheesy middle-aged dragqueen concert. Everything is covered with glitters and spangles! It’s almost vulgar!

Why is it that plus-size collections always get those stereotypical themes? Always sexy, gypsy, sporty, decent or gothic? Why not go for rock, ladylike or even granny-style?
Thankfully we’re beginning to see a nice shift in many collections. More and more they are adapting the collections to the current fashion image. Is this tied to the use of internet and television?

Companies are increasingly inspired by American, English and Scandinavian brands. Or are brands finally starting to wake up and see that the number of women who are getting taller and need a bigger clothing size is on the rise? I’m really hoping for the latter. Brands need to start catering to a target audience that is out there and who is getting more and more critical.

An audience who wants to be dressed in the latets trends. An audience that wants to look rock for a change, or feminine, without looking too much like a luscious glitterlover.
Anno 2011 inbetweenies and full figured women still have to look sexy. I would rather see them looking feminine. And that doesn’t automatically equal sexy! And this is the case for every woman, regardless of her size!

This jacket with bears is from artist Sebastian Errazuriz

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