Is Anna Wintour waking up?

After Cosmopolitan, British Vogue and The Gentlewoman — Adele may be on the cover of American Vogue. Adele is not a sample size, wearing a U.K. size 16. Anna Wintour is shopping for ‘a series of cover-worthy outfits for the size 16 chart-topper to wear on the shoot’ according to WWD. In 2007, Jennifer Hudson, unfortunately a size 8 now, graced the cover of the magazine. Anna will probably have some great designers make clothes specially for her. So if it’s possible for a size 16 singer, it should be possible for plus size models and inbetweenies! So Anna, isn’t it time for more diversity in Vogue? If you show the world it’s possible, all other magazine will follow the ‘Queen of Fashion’. Can’t wait…!

Oh, Adele… don’t lose too much weight… let the stylists sweat to find great garments in your size 16!!!

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