Is being curvy a trend?


On Beauty in Curves I read this article which was published in Sun newspaper. ‘We’re sick of stick’ was the headline of this article. All gorgeous Christina Hendricks, Kate Upton and Robyn Lawley are women who are showing their curvy bodies in all different sizes. Also with Chloe Hayward, an new British model. Will there be a change? In fashion? But also in Hollywood? Will it be ok to show that women are feminine again? Oh, please… say yes!

I don’t hope it will just be a ‘trend’. No, I hope it will be getting normal again. Kelly Brook says: “a real woman should have curves”. Of course there are many ‘real women’ in different body shapes. And that’s also the way you are born. I think we have to embrace that women can be women again. Don’t loose your boobs or butt, by dieting all your life because of the ‘image nowadays’. No… show them! And be proud!

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