‘Is curvy the new fat?’

On Metro news an article about ‘curvy is the new fat’. I think fat is a negative word for plus size people. Not every fat woman is curvy. And not every curvy woman is fat. Yes, curvy is a word used more and more. I think it’s because women in a size 14+ (uk) are more confident about their size. So it’s a positive thing… that’s why the word fat isn’t used so much anymore. More and more curvy celebs are in the picture and show how proud they are about their bodies. We don’t have to call Adele or Christina Hendricks fat, because they aren’t. Even the good working plus size models are more and more in the media, magazines and they aren’t plus size. No these women are inbetweenies… And again.. inbetweenies are not fat and not skinny! And curvy women can also be size 6 or 8! Like Marilyn Monroe, Ditta von Teese or the Victoria’s Secret Angels…

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