Is feeling healthy the new confidence?

Last week I noticed a lot of women were on a diet and lost a lot of weight. Not the regular size women. No, women who looked like they were confident about their bodies. ‘Proud women’ I know from the plus size industry. And all these women had in common, they were at least a size 48 and most were bigger. Not inbetweenies, but full figured or plus size. Does this mean, that above a size 48/50 you are not feeling healthy?

Because health was the main reason for all these women. They apologize about being on a diet: and saying I still will be an inbetweenie. I never will be a ‘skinny girl’. You don’t have to apologize to anyone! I noticed, especially in the plus size scene, women are afraid of reactions from others if they lose weight.

But you have to think about yourself and your body and confidence. All different kind of ways to lose weight: one did it by a ‘mental food coach’, another by gastric bypass and someone by a special diet. I think it’s a good thing people are standing up for themselves and work on their body! And I have a lot of respect for all these strong women! I am not promoting diets or losing weight. No, I think if you’re not feeling right about yourself, your size or your body you have to work on it! Especially when health is a big issue.

Anorexia and obesity are not healthy ways of life. So probably people want to live healthy by eating the right food and go to the gym more. I think a change of going the healthy way is a good move! You don’t have to be a size zero, size 36 or 38 to be healthy! No, a healthy size can also be a size 44, 46. As long as you feel great about yourself! And if that means you feel great being a size 50 or bigger, it’s up to you! Talking about diets will always be a taboo and a sensitive topic. Especially in the plus size scene.


  • "if you’re not feeling right about yourself, your size or your body you have to work on it! Specially when health is a big issue." You are so right! I think exactly the same 🙂

  • Good one!
    It’s not always that we have to diet or exercise to become a size small. At this moment I’m exercising my butt off just to get fit – I know I won’t get smaller than my size 42 and that’s fine.

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