Is Ruth Clemens too fat for H&M’s everyday range?


“Am I too fat for your everyday range? Should I just accept that accessible and affordable high street and on-trend fashion isn’t for people like me?”


Wake up!
First a great article about H&M, they write about Nadia Aboulhosn and now this ‘size adventure’? Wake up! Fashion industry! A size 42 EU is an average size in The Netherlands. A size 46 EU is the average size in the UK. So… And the sizing of every brand is different. Ruth Clemens, a fashion student, complains about the sizing. When a size 42 EU, is a size 38 EU in real. That’s not only for jeans. H&M has also a ‘luxury’ brand and this is also smaller then normal. Of course the sizes are different at every brand. And as a women, you know where the jeans will fit good, or not. And once you have found the perfect fit, you will be faithful the rest of your life… And no, it’s not only H&M which sizes are incorrect… there are more brands and shops.

Jeans brands
Another thing about jeans. Why is it impossible to buy a jeans when you are a size 46 at shops as Replay, Levi’s, Wrangler, G star, Diesel, etc. I just don’t get it. In my whole life I have bought just a few jeans from ‘real jeans brand’. I remember the time, when Levi’s curve just came out. I was in NYC, I wanted to try a curve jeans in my size in the store. “No sorry, we don’t carry your size in this store or in any other store, it’s only available online!” All women jeans in the store only went up to a size 33?? Pfff….

Ruth Clemens
An H&M shopper has called out the high street fashion giant over its “unrealistically small” sizing in a post that has been shared more than 8,000 times.
In a letter posted on Facebook , Ruth Clemens complained that her experience of trying on a pair of the store’s jeans in a size 16, the largest size it stocks.
She posted a photo showing the jeans were significantly too small for her body, which she explained usually suited size 14 UK/42 EU trousers and medium tops. She wrote: “I’m normally a size 14UK/42 EU on my hips (occasionally 16 if buying trousers) so I thought I’d try them on. It did not go well.

HM+ collection
I have also noticed that a size 48 EU, from the HM+ collection is a size 44 or 46 EU in real. When you really need a size 54 EU, you can’t even shop this at H&M. And that concerns me even more. Because H&M gives hope to plus size women, they can shop at their shop, but in the end they can’t. H&M gives them false hope.
My opinion is that H&M had to change their sizing anyway. Stop the plus size collection or work on that collection in the right way. The same items as the main collection. And check the sizing! I think it’s better a brand says they don’t have plus size clothes, like Zara, than a shop who does carry plus size, but it’s not good in every way. I am thinking of having a talk with H&M HQ in Sweden to give advice for this. Because it’s the time now…. to change their HM+ range. Shall I start a ‘HM should extend their sizes’ -petition? Or ‘HM+ needs better sizes and more items’ petition?

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