Isabella ‘blow (n)’ away!


This morning we went to the exhibition of Isabella blow: Fashion is indestructible. And I was blown away from her creativity.
In 1996 she had a hand in staging Alexander Mcqueen and Christ Church. She’s not a designer, but strongest hand to the 2 strongest fashion shows that year. She saw her clothing as armour, as a form of protection from the everyday, from the the slings and arrows of daily life. Isabella about Alexander Mcqueen : Ideas from the past, sabotages them with his cut to make them new in the context of today. One of her beautiful quotes: “At the end of the day, fashion is a wind up. Dont take it too seriously” If you have the change to go to london… YOU MUST have a look at this exhibition. It’s till 2nd of March.

This was the 1st piece in the exhibition, do you see the face?

Together with the gorgeous Luciana Schmidt

IN LOOOOOVE with this Jacket from Alexander Mcqueen 1996

Onderwater world…

Gorgeous hats…


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