“It is better to steal something good…”

And once again I have inspired someone with my slogan/motto! It’s really funny that people from everywhere made me aware of this! This time a Dutch brand: Shoeby, a straight size label. They started a plus size label last year. Not really great, I must say… and they’re using the name of my blog: ‘style has no size’. I will see this as something positive.. The same way as I inspired Marcy Guevara’s. In Dutch we say: ‘beter goed gejat dan slecht bedacht/verzonnen’
This is a Dutch motto which roughly translates in English as: “It is better to steal something good then to invent something bad”. Can I see this as a compliment? What do you think?

These were online:

This is in a shop:

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  • Eigenlijk vind ik best wel dat je er wat van mag zeggen, met als goedmakertje een samenwerkings verband om toch is wat stijlvollere dingen te ontwerpen dan de eeuwige ‘los vallende’ jurkjes.

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