It’s time for curVISION!


Remember I wrote about this ‘secret meeting’ curVISION with Navabi in Berlin? Some amazing days I’ve had! Navabi will create a significant and positive change in the world. It will improve the life of curvy women all around the world. And being part of this would be AMAZING! To mean something in this fashion industry! I think it’s time for a revolution. It’s about time women in sizes 42 EU and up have the right to dress as beautiful as sizes below! My statement: every woman deserves to be noticed, in every size, color or age!

When I figured out who the other 4 girls were… I was excited and nervous at the same time! OMG… being 1 of these 5 strong women… I feel honoured, blessed… getting this chance!
Top model Fluvia Lacerda, model and journalist for Vogue Italia Curvy Elisa D’Ospina, Nicolette Mason journalist, and make up artist and blogger Luciana Schmidt of Lu zieht an.

We also visited the ‘Curvy is Sexy’ event with a fashion show and saw the new collections of the plus size brands. The only thing I can say, I was a little disappointed. Again the same idea of presenting the plus size fashion. The location was great and everything was looking very professional. But it was still not the same when you would compare it with the Bread and Butter. Even the runway part was not inspiring me at all. The catwalk was waaaay too short and the visitors could only sit on big sofa’s and not frontrow as with a ‘normal’ runway. I think it’s really time for change!! Hopefully the plus size scene is ready for this change now!



We received a beautiful rose of the Navabi Team.

Together with gorgeous Fluvia!


We were waiting with the owner Maryam Navabi and having fun at Berlin Fashionweek!



After all these great days of being treated like a princess, I also got these great presents! Thank you!


So lucky I met Katya Zharkova again… she not only looks gorgeous but she’s also such a great person!

Just the 4 of us at the Curvy is Sexy event.

Check out the backstage video:

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