It’s time for these fashion changes!


These women have an opinion how the fashion industry must change!

It’s time for these fashion changes!
BuzzFeed Life visited the CurvyCon this past weekend, where they asked 20 of the stylish, brilliant, thoughtful, sassy women to tell what they’d change about the fashion industry if they could.
It’s great to hear the opinion of all different kind of women. Different size, color, type, etc. And here are my favorites!
What can be changed in the fashion industry? Leave a comment!

1. “Size diversity! In all brands.”
As a fashion stylist I would love to work with different size of models for brands.

2. “Fashion is for every body!”
Every woman has the right to be noticed, to shine and be beautiful… no matter what size!

3. “I want the same exact designs as ‘straight sizes’.”
This is exactly what I am saying all the time! Women in larger sizes than 42 EU are NO ALIENS!!! We want the same!

4. “Accept ALL shapes!!”
Respect for everyone. Every BODY shape. No more body shaming.

5. “More color and body diversity! All women are beautiful!!!”
Exactly my message and mission…. love diversity in fashion. Fashion should be a reflection of the reality!

6. “I would love for every individual to feel empowered by what they wear, for clothes to unite us, not divide us, and for fashion to be universally embraced no matter what your class, race, and gender is! Fashion = Love.”
Being unique is very important! Your body, your rules! Your style, your rules!

Jenna Rusnak

Alexa Jenkins

Elle Peters of Eat Style Play

Hannah Barrett

Georgette Niles of Grown and Curvy Woman

Chauncéa Carothers

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