Jack & Jones Plus

Menswear brand Jack & Jones has extended its range of styles to include plus-sizes following high demand from consumers. The high street retailer, owned by Bestseller, now offers sizes from 2XL to 6XL. The handsome Zach Miko is the face for this collection. From august available in the shops!

The plus-sizes options will be available in all of Jack & Jones categories, offering shoppers a much wider selection of trendy styles, designs, and colours. “We want to make sure our consumers, regardless of their size, can get on-trend styles and looks,” said sales director Dennis Birk Jorgensen.

Dennis Birk Jorgensen:

We have done this for our well-now collections – now with styles in every size.

So great to hear that in the mens fashion it is possible to extend the regular collection. But for women, there are always ‘special collections’ in plus sizes. Maybe, the women fashion industry has to ask their self this question: WHY? Why are you keep making separate collections?

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